Philip B. Hughes, Esquire Owner/Founder

I grew up in Jacksonville, attended Terry Parker High School and the University of North Florida, and earned my Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law. I started my firm immediately after law school in hopes of practicing law with attention towards successful resolutions of legal problems rather than drawn out adversarial fighting. One of the reasons I chose family law as one of my practice areas was because of my own personal experiences. My personal experiences include being a child of divorce and achieving a successful, non-adversarial divorce of my own. Both of these experiences have given me the insight to help my clients manage this difficult and emotional process. Divorce is usually described as a horrible, adversarial process. While it will always be an emotional process because it is the loss of a relationship, it does not have to destroy the family. My wife and I were able to agree upon a plan that made the most sense for our family, and I was so encouraged by the fact that we were allowed to design our own plan that I decided to attend law school. I wanted to assist others in reaching a sensible solution without destroying their family relationships in the process, just as my wife and I had done. I can honestly say that one of the reasons I attended law school was because of the success of my divorce.

While attending law school, I became very aware that the general public’s fear of the legal system results from unfamiliarity. I was astonished to learn how little our society is taught about our legal system, and I have made it my goal to simplify and demystify the legal process for my clients.